Sejong Real Estate

Sejong Real Estate

In 2012, the government allowed 9,900 civil servants who moved to Sejong, the administrative city of South Korea’s southern Daegu region, to purchase their new homes in the area at below market prices. But the local government suspects these officials have been selling their homes and earning tens of millions of won in illegal profits. The local prosecutors office raided several real estate agencies in the area and seized apartment transaction records.

Is Sejong Institute free?

Whether you are looking for a luxury condo for sale in Sejong or a swanky apartment on rent in Sejong, there are many real estate agents who can help you. Some of these agents even specialize in finding property for foreign investors. Some of the best-known ones are BHPK and Majestar. However, there are also more modern proptech companies like Dongnae, which offer a number of services to make buying a property in Sejong as seamless as possible. This Link :


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