What is a Woman Escort?

What is a Woman Escort?

A woman escort is someone who voluntarily agrees to accompany another person as her personal companion for money or other consideration. The person may be hired by a private individual, or she may work for an escort agency. Her job is to entertain her client with oral sex, penetration, and other sexual activities. The escort is required to be discreet in order to avoid being exposed to the public or other people who are not her clients.

Women who advertise their services as escorts typically focus on highlighting attractive traits and creating the impression that it is desirable to have sex with them. Research suggests that attractive women can command higher prices for their services than less-attractive women in similar circumstances (Campos & Schmidt, 1993; Otta et al., 2002; Kurzban & Weeden, 2005).

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It is important to note that some women who work as escorts may be considered prostitutes in the eyes of the law. Prostitution is illegal in many states, including California. This is because a call girl may engage in sexual acts for money and she must not expose her genitals or areola in order to protect her health.

While there are some men who seek out escorts to have sex with them, most are looking for a fantasy that will make them feel better about their lives. They often have dirty diapers to change, nagging wives at home, and stressful jobs at work. They just want a little escape for an hour or two with someone who will make them feel good about themselves.

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